How to Report Bullying at School

Parents should notify the school each time their child reports that they have been bullied at school. While talking with the school regarding the bullying incident is effective, it is more important to put it in writing.

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Iowa Code 280.28: Harassment and Bullying

The policy must include certain standards to prevent harassment and bullying.

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What if Your Child is the One Showing Bullying Behavior?

The word "bullying" often conjures up an image of a schoolyard scene, with a big, intimidating student towering over a small, cowering child. However, that's just one of the many faces of children who bully. Another face of someone who bullies might be that of your own child. Surprised? Many parents are. Often they have no idea that their child is bullying other children. Yet recognizing the situations-and acting to change the behavior-is vitally important in making the future safer for your child and all children.

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Cyberbullying: An Overview for Students, Parents & Teachers

Cyberbullying is more common than you may think. And for many teenagers, young adults, and social media users, it poses a very real threat. This resource guide from Maryville University Online will help you learn everything you need to know about cyberbullying, from relevant facts and statistics to helpful resources, so you can keep your school-age child safe online.

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Iowa Department of Education Anti-Bullying Resources

The Iowa Department of Education offers helpful resources and guidance for parents and school professionals regarding anti-bullying/anti-harassment.

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Parent Checklist for Reporting Bullying

You may consider involving the police if another child/ youth has physically assaulted your child or is seriously threatening him or her with bodily injury. This checklist will help you organize your thoughts and next steps as you move forward.

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Iowa's Anti Bullying Law

Bullying and harassment is not only harmful to the social and emotional development of children, it gets in the way of learning. Ensuring the physical safety and emotional security of children in school is a critical concern shared by parents and educators. Recognizing that concern, in 2007 the Iowa Legislature passed a state law to help prevent and address bullying in schools.

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