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From Coverage to Care

From Coverage to Care (C2C) is an initiative, developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, to help you understand your health coverage and connect to primary care and the preventive services that are right for you, so you can live a long and healthy life.

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You Are Not Alone: Information for Parents

This is a great resource for parents who have recently learned that their child has a disability. It is written from the personal perspective of a parent who has shared this experience and all that goes with it.

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Ask Me 3: Good Questions for Good Health

Ask Me 3® is an educational program that encourages patients and families to ask three specific questions of their providers to better understand their health conditions and what they need to do to stay healthy.

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What is a Medical Home

A medical home is not a house, office, or hospital, but rather an approach to providing comprehensive primary care. In a medical home, a primary care clinician and her/his team work as a team with the family/patient to make sure that the medical and non-medical needs of the child/youth are met.

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Integrated Health Home (IHH)

An Integrated Health Home (IHH) is a team of professionals working together to provide whole-person, patient-centered, coordinated care for adults with a serious mental illness (SMI) and children with a serious emotional disturbance (SED). Care coordination is provided for all aspects of the individual's life and for transitions of care the individual may experience.

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Health Literacy for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Health literacy is a type of "functional literacy," with a focus on what the person can do with their skills.

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Iowa Disability Benefits Network

Iowa Workforce Development partnered with state and local agencies to develop the new Iowa Disability Benefits Network. The website provides information for recipients of Social Security disability benefits, their families and professionals supporting people with disabilities. The site includes resources for employment support, instructions for reporting wages to Social Security, informative videos about Social Security benefits, and other information for Iowans with disabilities. The content aligns with the requirements of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act and focuses on developing Iowa's workforce.

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Treatment Choices and Evidence-Based Practices

Families are encouraged to ask their child's doctor or provider questions about the treatment being recommended and should come prepared with a notebook to record the answers to their questions. Families should also share their values and preferences with providers.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Guidelines Phase 1B Tier 2 -

Group 1: Individuals with disabilities living in home settings that are dependent on attendant care staff , and their attendant care staff. To be eligible for group 1, the individual with the disability must also be dependent upon attendant care staff. Individuals identified as attendant care staff, even if they are a family member, are eligible under this group.

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Webinar on Family Toolkit: Pediatric-to-Adult Health Care Transition

A webinar held on 10/27/2020 discussing Got Transition's Family Toolkit (https://gottransition.org/resource/hc...), which was developed for families to use during the transition from pediatric to adult health care. The webinar reviews helpful resources and provides insight from a mother of a transition-aged young adult.

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This toolkit was developed for families to use during pediatric-to-adult HCT and includes resources for both parents/caregivers and youth/young adults.

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This guide is designed as a resource to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and their guardians and family members, in finding the information and supports they may need. It may also be helpful to stakeholders throughout the Iowa service delivery system to better identify and address gaps in resources, or otherwise assist persons living at Woodward or Glenwood State Resource Center or in the community in accessing needed services and supports. Please share this guide with anyone who may benefit from its contents.

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