Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers

Iowa currently has seven HCBS Waivers in the Waiver Program  that provides service funding and individualized supports to maintain eligible members in their own homes or communities who would otherwise require care in a medical institution

Home and Community Based Services Brochure

The Iowa Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) programs are Medicaid programs where the federal government has set aside or "waived" rules. This gives you more choices about how and where you receive services. It is for people with disabilities and older Iowans who need services. These services may allow you to stay in your home. You must be eligible for Medicaid and also meet the requirements of the program you are applying for and/or receiving.

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Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers Program

In Iowa, there are seven programs called HCBS Waivers. These waivers help people stay in their own homes or communities instead of going to a medical institution. These programs also provide funding and personalized support for individuals who qualify, allowing them to receive the care they need while remaining in a familiar environment.

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How to Apply for a HCBS Waiver in Iowa

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are for people with disabilities and older Iowans who need services to allow them to stay in their homes and community instead of going to an institution. Iowa currently has seven HCBS waivers in the waiver program. These waivers provide service funding and individualized support to allow eligible members to remain in their own homes or communities.

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Application for Health Coverage and HCBS Waiver

This is the printable paper application for the HCBS Waiver. Helpful Hint: on page 17 you can check the box for HCBS waivers. It has also been recommended to write which waiver(s) you're applying for at the top of the front page to help get it processed.

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FAQ from Families: Waiver Services in Iowa

These are common questions from families about applying for and utilizing HCBS waiver services. When accessing a Medicaid HCBS waiver an individual will be assigned either a Managed Care Organization (MCO) or Fee for Service (FFS). Most individuals will be covered by an MCO.

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ASK an Expert: Home and Community Based Services Waiver Programs FAQ Webinar

Join Alicia, Family Support Specialist as she discusses the most commonly asked questions regarding Iowa's HCBS Waiver Program.

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Medicaid LTSS Program Comparison Chart

This Iowa long-term services and supports (LTSS) Comparison Chart will show you the difference in services for all of the HCBS Waivers.

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Waiver Enrollment Process Flowchart for New Medicaid Members

This flow chart outlines the different work flows that illustrate various policies and processes in the HCBS Waiver program.

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ASK an Expert: Home and Community Based Waiver Services

Lacey Giunta, formerly a ChildServe Case Management Supervisor & Certified Brian Injury Specialist discusses Home and Community Based Waiver Services.

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2024 Monthly Slot and Waiting List Summary

This is a link to the HCBS Waiver Waiting List. In order to find out what year DHS is working on, scroll down to your waiver, look for the "next application date for slot" and you will see the date of the application that they are currently working on. Many people have to wait for years to get a slot on a waiver. This document will give you an idea of how long you will be waiting depending on which waiver(s) you have applied for.

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HCBS Specialist Oversight Regions Map

This map provides contact information for each HCBS Region in Iowa, a specialist for provider applications, Iowa Medicaid HCBS Correspondence and the Operations Manager.

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Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP)

The HIPP program helps people get or keep health insurance they already have by paying for the premiums when it is "cost-effective". The purpose of the HIPP program is to save taxpayer dollars by purchasing employer health insurance to work as a primary insurance coverage.

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Consumer Choice Option (CCO)

The Consumer Choice Option is available under the HCBS waivers. It gives you control over a targeted amount of Medicaid dollars so you can develop a plan to meet your needs by directly hiring employees and/or purchasing other goods and services. The Consumer Choices Option offers more choice, control, and flexibility over your services as well as more responsibility.

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ASK an Expert: Medicaid: Consumer Choice Option (CCO)

Do you want to direct your waiver services yourself? CCO might be an option for you. CCO is a program that allows waiver recipients the ability to recruit, hire, and train their staff to meet their service needs.

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Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC) Services

In the HCBS Waiver program, there is an opportunity for people to have help in their own homes through the CDAC services. These are services designed to help people do things that they normally would do for themselves if they were able.

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Medicaid’s Pathways for Issue Resolutions

Use this document to find the appropriate contacts to use when you need help resolving an issue from member issues, contacting the ombudsman and figuring out who your case manager is.

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