Out-of-State Placement

Due to the unique needs of an individual, an IEP team may need to consider out-of-state placement options to appropriately meet the individual's needs. However, prior to considering an out-of-state placement, the IEP team must consider any appropriate educational programs which are located closer to an eligible individual's residence than an out-of-state placement.

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Unique Placement Options

Alternative Services and Placements as Determined by IEP Team

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Out-Of-District Placement via the Iowa Department of Education

This document summarizes the law, and should be read in conjunction with the law and with other guidance from the Iowa Department of Education ("Department") on placement decisions, including documents on appropriate uses of special education funds prepared by the Division of Learning and Results and the Bureau of Finance, Facilities, Operation and Transportation Services. This document addresses requirements imposed by state and local law, including those where Iowa's state law imposes a higher substantive standard or imposes greater restrictions on uses of state and local special education funds.

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