Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Options in Special Education

At ASK Resource Center, we often get calls from frustrated parents who say, "I can't get the school to give my child what he needs. I just want to sue them!" We understand those feelings, we have learned through experience, that suing someone, is not a productive way to resolve differences and can actually be damaging. There are situations where legal action may be necessary but there are several methods of conflict resolution available that can, and should be tried before reaching that point.

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Legal Resources in Iowa

ASK Resource Center maintains a list of private attorneys and statewide programs that may be able to assist or represent individuals with disabilities in issues related to disability law and Special Education Mediation, as well as establishing competency, guardianship, and special needs trusts.

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The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education

CADRE's major emphasis is on encouraging the use of mediation, facilitation, and other collaborative processes as strategies for resolving disPhoto of CADRE staff agreements between parents and schools about children's educational programs and support services.

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The National Center of Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE)

This organization supports the prevention and resolution of disputes through partnership and collaboration.

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