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As a family who is learning about your child's hearing loss, we know you may be feeling many emotions. You might feel unsure and overwhelmed. You might wonder what decisions you are facing ahead. What does this mean? What should I know? Where do I even start?

There is so much information to learn. Knowing where to start can be confusing. ASK is funded by the Iowa Department of Public Health's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Program to provide family-to-family support for parents and caregivers of children ages birth to three who are diagnosed with deafness or hearing loss. 

We have worked with parents and professionals in the deaf and hard of hearing community to develop a quick Parent Guide(or our Spanish Parent Guide). It will help you get started. When you are ready, there is also a more comprehensive Resource Guide with detailed lists, resources and contact information for you to look at. Both of these guides will get you started on knowing what next steps to take and what resources are available related to newly identified hearing loss. 

Family to Family support is the most valuable resource! Family to Family support is an informal way to connect with other families and get answers to your questions. The F2F EHDI Project at ASK offers lots of different ways to network so you can choose the ones that are right for you:

  • Visit and Like the ASK Facebook Page to receive weekly posts from the F2F EHDI Project and connect with other families in the online community.
  • Sign up for the monthly EHDI Newsletter to learn about statewide events, trainings, and deaf/hard of hearing information.
  • Click on the ASK Events Page to sign up for ASK's in-person and virtual training and networking events. There is at least one EHDI webinar and one networking event every few months.
  • Make plans to attend the annual Together We Can conference happening the first Saturday in May each year. Visit the ASK Events Page from February through April each year to learn more.
  • Encourage your providers to read the F2F EHDI Provider Quarterly ENEWS releases for valuable information to help them partner with the families that they serve.
  • Connect with other parents who have been on a journey like yours. Parent Mentors are trained family members of a child like yours who are further along in the journey than you are. All of our mentors can meet you in your home, on the phone or by video conference. If needed, they can schedule an interpreter to join them. A Parent Mentor will contact you two times, or more if you want, to answer questions, share stories and provide emotional support. 
  • Connect with a deaf or hard of hearing adult who can help you see the possibilities. Deaf Role Models and Deaf Mentors are trained deaf or hard of hearing adults who can offer you a vision for your child's future. Deaf Role Models will contact you two times to share their stories with you and answer questions about deaf and hard of hearing culture. They can also provide unbiased guidance and ideas about communication choices. Deaf Mentors will contact you six times to provide the same service as a Deaf Role Model plus offer some basic sessions on American Sign Language (ASL).
  • Connect with a Resource Partner who can give you clear and specific answers directly from the professional world. Resource Partners are professionals like educators, school administrators and providers who have a great deal of experience serving the deaf and hard of hearing community. They can be matched with a family to answer a very specific set of questions and usually meet once with a family by phone or virtual meeting
  • Become a Mentor! When you are ready, sign up for a mentor training and give back to others what they have given to you. Mentor training happens at least twice a year. You can register on the Events page. Visit our Mentor Page to learn more. 


To use any of the F2F EHDI Services, Contact Us. 

If you are a provider wishing to refer a family for F2F EHDI use the EHDI Provider Contact Us Form


Learn more about the F2F EHDI Resources available:


Resources Coming Soon:

  • EHDI Family Support Options (Spanish) - Coming Soon
  • F2F EHDI Flyer
  • F2F EHDI Flyer (Spanish) - coming soon
  • EHDI Mentor Options (Spanish) - coming soon