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Sample Letter Requesting
a Re-evaluation

And other letter writing tips 


In order to ensure students continue to be eligible to receive special education services and that their unique educational needs are being appropriately met, IDEA requires that re-evaluations of at a least every three years. The reevaluation process includes the review of existing information and if necessary, or requested, the collection of additional information.

A reevaluation may be needed sooner than three years if at least one of the following is present:

  • A student’s parent or teacher requests a reevaluation
  • An IEP team needs more information to address concerns or make decisions about a student's educational program
  • An IEP team considers whether a student continues to be eligible for special education supports and services, or The existing data for an out-of-state transfer student is not enough to establish eligibility for special education in Iowa

If a parent has concerns and/or request it is best to put the request it in writing and keep a copy. Below is an example letter for requesting a re-evaluation. Parents are welcome to use part or all of the sample letter below, being sure to fill in the blanks with the details about their situation. 

Before the reevaluation process begins, the IEP team, including a parent, reviews the existing information and identifies what additional information, if any, is needed to determine:

  • If the child continues to be eligible for special education and the educational needs of the child
  • Present levels of academic achievement and related developmental needs of the student
  • If a student needs a new goal or goal area, different modifications, supports or services.
  • After collecting the agreed upon data, the team analyzes and reviews with parents before making any revisions to the IEP.

Sample Letter:

Date Dear [Principal name]_______________:
I am the parent of ___________________________, whose date of birth is ____________. I am concerned that my child is not making progress in his/her current special education program. I am especially worried about the area(s) of _______________________________ because ___________________. In order to better understand the problem, the type and amount of special education support or related services my child needs, I am requesting he/she be reevaluated.

I would like to participate with the rest of the IEP Team in the review to determine what data and testing is needed. I'd also like to know when the testing will be held and when any meetings will be scheduled so I can participate. If you choose to refuse my request for reevaluation, please provide me with a Prior Written notice of that decision. Should you have any questions about this request, please contact me at the following number(s) ____________ or by e-mail at _________________. I look forward to hearing your response to this request as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sincerely, Your name