How to Report Bullying at School  

Parents should notify the school each time their child reports that they have been bullied at school. While talking with the school regarding the bullying incident is effective, it is more important to put it in writing. Here are two options for reporting a bullying incident to school officials:

1. Request a bullying complaint form from the school

A bullying complaint form can be used as a way for the child and/or parent to report bullying to the school. This form is available at the school and/or the school’s website. Fill out the form, make a copy for yourself, and submit the original to school officials.

2. Write a letter to the school detailing the incident

The letter should include:

  • your child’s name
  • date and location of incident
  • witnesses to the incident

The letter should remain factual and absent of opinions or emotional statements. Request that the school send you a copy of their bullying policy and request that they follow-up with you regarding the bullying incident.

It is important to remember that if it is
not in writing, it does not exist.


These options for reporting and documenting a bullying incident serve two important purposes:

  • Notifies school officials of the incident and your desire for intervention
  • Serves as your written record when referring to the incident.

Keep a copy of any document you send to the school regarding the incident. Doing so will help to keep a concise, accurate timeline of events.

Empower your child

It is important for junior high and high school students to understand the most effective way to report a bullying incident to school officials. Because the child may not always tell the parent if they are being bullied, it is important to empower the child with information on how to report the bullying incident themselves.

A bullying complaint form is the best way for students to report a bullying incident to school officials. Help your child to understand that while telling school officials is important, documenting the incident on an official complaint form is the most effective way to report a bullying incident.

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