Together We Can Breakout Session: Promoting the Independence of Children who are Turning 18

March 28, 2023

Spotlight on the Education & Disability Law Breakout Session

A Conversation in Promoting the
Independence of Children who are Turning 18  

Len Sandler, Attorney & Clinical Professor of Law

Participants will come away from this 
session understanding the options and alternatives to guardianships and conservatorships. You will learn how and when to use powers of attorney and other advance directives. You will also explore the formal and informal ways to manage money and property such as: transfers to minor accounts, custodial trusts, conservatorships, ATM access and limited accounts.


Len Sandler joined the University of Iowa College of Law faculty in 1990 to direct one of the first HIV/AIDS law school clinics in the U.S.. He later founded and supervises the award-winning Law and Policy in Action Clinic to give law students experience solving recurring, systemic problems that cannot be addressed through litigation. Over the past few years, the clinic teamed up with Disability Rights Iowa and private lawyers to overhaul the Iowa Department of Education rules about the use of seclusion and physical restraints in K-12 schools.  They provide no-cost consultant services to nonprofits, community groups. governments, and businesses on disability, civil rights, housing healthcare, elder abuse, LGBTQ, and other issues. Sandler and his clinic students also represent and provide transactional services for families and present workshops on estate planning, guardianship, and other legal issues.