Meet Two Mother/Daughter Duos - Supporting and Encouraging Siblings

April 21, 2022



Here is an introduction to four of the experts you will learn from in our Family Advocacy sessions. Don’t forget, there is also an Exhibitor Fair with more than $1000 in prizes at our 10th Annual Together We Can Conference!

Emma and Norah Bouza, Mom & Daughter Team



Emma Bouza and her husband Ben live in Hawarden Iowa with their two children Norah and Ruby. Ruby has Down Syndrome. Emma is involved in her school and community, serving on several different boards and committees. She holds a Bachelors degree in Family and Consumer Science from South Dakota State University. As a family, they enjoy attending high school sporting events and travelling. Emma and her girls haven't met a rollercoaster they don’t love!

Norah Bouza is a 14 year old 8th grader at West Sioux in Hawarden. She is the big sister to Ruby, who has Down Syndrome. In her free time, Norah enjoys reading, comics and crafting. She is a member of the Child Health Specialty Clinic Youth Advisory Council and has also attended the brothers and sister's conference at the National Down syndrome Congress conference for several years. Norah has participated in several sib shops over the years, as well.

Tami and Halle Hoffman, Mom & Daughter Team



Halle Hoffman is 9 years old and is currently in 4th grade. She is the oldest child in her family with 2 younger siblings. She adores animals, especially her pet dogs, cats and chickens. In her free time she enjoys gymnastics, being outside, roller blading, playing with friends, and helping her brother. Halle’s favorite color is blue and she wants to be a speech therapist when she grows up.

Tami Hoffman is a wife and mother to 3 wonderful children. After graduating from the University of Northern Iowa with a Masters of Social Work degree she pursued a ten year career in childhood mental health and child welfare. Tami learned nearly 3 years ago that her youngest child has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, caused by congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). Since then Tami dedicates her time to her children, parent mentorships, advocacy for parents and professionals and genuinely strives to pave an easier path for future parents. In Tami's spare time she is an entrepreneur and runs a photography business.

Supporting and Encouraging Siblings


In this session, a panel of moms and siblings will share their reflections about what it means to support a sibling and to be a supportive sibling. One pair is a mom and teen sibling. The other is a mom and nine-year-old sibling. Each panelist will talk about what they have learned, liked and been influenced by in their families.