Meet Mari Reynolds - Transition Iowa

April 15, 2022



Here is an introduction to one of the experts you will learn from in our Education sessions. Don’t forget, there is also an Exhibitor Fair with more than $1000 in prizes at our 10th Annual Together We Can Conference!

Mari Reynolds is a graduate of Grand View University in Des Moines, with a double major in Psychology and Human Services and a minor in Sociology. She has worked for ASK Resource Center since 2002 where she currently serves as the Data Coordinator and Transition Iowa Project Coordinator. Mari has a younger brother who was born with multiple disabilities including Cerebral Palsy. She has become increasingly involved in his support coordination as a sibling of an adult with a disability, so Transition is a passion of hers. She serves on Iowa’s State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) and is a member of the Iowa Coalition for Integration and Employment (ICIE) and the Iowa Olmstead Taskforce.

education session: A Tour of Transition Iowa

TRANSITION IOWA is a website for youth and young adults with disabilities, their families and the professionals who support them. Its content encourages high expectations and successful outcomes for all students. Over the past year, the site has been reorganized and updated with over 300 new resources and new, interactive checklists. This session will orient participants to all it has to offer.

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