Meet Len Sandler & Nathan Kirstein - Seclusion and Restraint: Legal Requirements in Iowa Schools

April 21, 2022

disability law SESSION


Here is an introduction to two of the experts you will learn from in our Disability Law sessions. Don’t forget, there is also an Exhibitor Fair with more than $1000 in prizes at our 10th Annual Together We Can Conference!

Len Sandler joined the University of Iowa College of Law faculty in 1990 to direct one of the first HIV/AIDS law school clinics in the U.S.. He later founded and supervises the award-winning Law and Policy in Action Clinic to give law students experience solving recurring, systemic problems that cannot be addressed through litigation. Over the past few years, the clinic teamed up with Disability Rights Iowa and private lawyers to overhaul the Iowa Department of Education rules about the use of seclusion and physical restraints in K-12 schools. They provide no-cost consultant services to nonprofits, community groups. governments, and businesses on disability, civil rights, housing healthcare, elder abuse, LGBTQ, and other issues. Sandler and his clinic students also represent and provide transactional services for families and present workshops on estate planning, guardianship, and other legal issues.

Nathan Kirstein graduated from Drake University Law School in May 2011 and was hired as a staff attorney at Disability Rights Iowa in October 2012. He primarily represents clients in the areas of legal rights violations in juvenile justice and child welfare facilities and students and families in special education cases. Previously he was a sole practitioner primarily representing clients in juvenile justice/child welfare cases, landlord/tenant cases, and wills/trusts. He also was the program coordinator for a gender specific after school program on the near North side of Des Moines.


disability law SESSION:
Seclusion and Restraint: Legal Requirements in Iowa Schools


Len Sandler, Attorney & Clinical Professor of Law and Nathan Kirstein, Attorney & Advocate will discuss Chapter 103 of Iowa Code governs when and how seclusion and restraint may be used in Iowa’s schools. This session unpacks what families should understand about the legal requirements for schools when seclusion or restraint is used.