Meet Dr. Warren Phillips - Cultivating Mindfulness at Home

April 19, 2022

health and well-being SESSION


Here is an introduction to one of the experts you will learn from in our Health and Well-Being sessions. Don’t forget, there is also an Exhibitor Fair with more than $1000 in prizes at our 10th Annual Together We Can Conference!


Dr. Warren Phillips is a Clinical Psychologist who practices in Iowa and Minnesota. He is the Clinical Director of Central Iowa Psychological Services, a large group mental health practice in Central Iowa, which serves children, teens, adults, families, and couples using a diverse set of assessment, counseling, and psychiatric services. Dr. Phillips is also the Chief Clinical Officer of Mental Health Partnerships and an Associate Teaching Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at Iowa State University. His guiding passion is to increase access to mental health services through the development of direct clinical services and community-based consultation and to help organizations who provide these services to have meaningful mutual support and well-being at their foundation.


health and well-being ADVOCACY SESSION:
Cultivating Mindfulness at Home


During this interactive session, participants will learn on-the-go grounding and coping strategies for handling overwhelming emotions and challenging events. The take-aways will help to relieve stress and regain control of well-being right in the moment. The strategies taught in this session are designed to be useful for you. They are also strategies you can model to your children and family members.