Is the Consumer Choices Option right for you?

January 24, 2023

What is the Consumer Choices Option?

The Consumer Choices Option is an option that is available under the Home and Community Based Services waivers that gives you control over a targeted amount of Medicaid dollars so that you can develop a plan to meet your needs by directly hiring employees and/or purchasing other goods and services. The Consumer Choices Option offers more choice, control and flexibility over your services as well as more responsibility. You can view the Iowa Department of Human Services Website for more information or print their CCO flyer here

The CCO Handbook

This handbook explains the Consumer Choices Option. It explains the process of creating quality support services. The Consumer Choices Option allows you, the consumer, (with help as needed) to control and direct the supports you receive as much as possible. This handbook talks about how you can have choices in your life-choices about where you live, where you work, and who you can count on for support. You can download and print the handbook here.

The ASK an Expert Webinar on CCO

Join ASK Resource Center to grow your understanding and knowledge of Consumer Choices Option (CCO). CCO will allow you to hire your own support staff for your child on an HCBS waiver. Joy Barlean, a parent, and Independent Support Broker provides examples and answers questions about how CCO can support the many different needs of your child.

Watch our Webinar on Consumer Choices Option with Joy Barlean below. The Q&A starts at 36:43.