Helpful Holiday Tips for Families

December 20, 2019

We've compiled a list of helpful holiday tips from trusted sources that families of children with special needs can use to reduce some of the stress the holiday season brings. Also in this list are links to adaptive toys and gift ideas for children of all ages and abilities.

  • For children with certain disabilities, even beloved holiday traditions can turn into a test of stamina and patience. The Child Mind Institute offers suggestions that can help minimize stress and make the holidays more fun and fulfilling for your family.
  • For many parents of children with disabilities, the time between October and January can feel like one big inhale. Pediatric Therapies of Tennessee offers seven tips for helping your child with special needs navigate the season with a little more joy.
  • The changes and sensations of the holiday season can be stressful for children with disabilities, especially those with sensory processing concerns. Consider this advice from the Episcopal Center for Children to help your child and your family. 
  • All of Fat Brain Toys Special Needs collections are based entirely on customer feedback, and each listing is accompanied by detailed reviews written by real parents, teachers, and therapists.
  • Special Needs Resource shares things to consider when purchasing gifts for kids with disabilities.
  • The holiday gift guide from SensaCalm provides helpful gift suggestions (and links to shop) for kids with any type of disability or special need! 

All of the staff at ASK Resource Center wish you a happy holiday season! Our office will be closed Christmas Day through New Years Day and will resume regular hours on Thursday, January 2, 2020. 

Happy Holidays on blue background with images of snow gifts and stockings