ASK an Expert - Upcoming Webinar Calendar

September 14, 2022

October 10th - What is Special Education?

Join Sarah from ASK Resource Center to learn about Special Education and eligibility. We will explore the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and related services as well as accommodations and modifications.

October 17th - Requesting an Evaluation for Special Education

Join Alicia from ASK Resource Center, to learn about the process for a special education evaluation. We will address how to request an evaluation and the different steps and timelines throughout the process from disability suspected to the initial evaluation.

October 24th- Requesting a Comprehensive Evaluation for Special Education

Join Mari from ASK Resource Center to discuss comprehensive evaluations. A comprehensive evaluation must be completed for each student in order to become eligible for Special Education services. A description of each of the skill areas that a student can be evaluated under will be explored along with general tips related to Special Education evaluations.

November 14th - Transition Iowa Website and Roadmap

Join Mari from ASK Resource Center for a tour of the updated Transition Iowa website and deep dive into the Transition Roadmap and Checklist. The Roadmap and Checklist outline important activities that support individuals with disabilities in their transition to adulthood.