Mentor Network


Because the needs of Iowa families vary, so does the kind of supports available. ASK provides family support through three different types of mentor support, each sharing valuable life experiences, acquired knowledge, and an understanding that comes from facing similar situations to families like yours. All mentors are trained in how to provide this type of support in an unbiased and supportive manner to ensure a family's needs are met. If you are interested in family support for your family or a family you serve, please contact us by phone at (800) 450-8667; by fax at (515) 243-1902; or submit an online contact request

Mentoring services available for families include:

Parent Mentors are parents or caregivers that are trained to provide unbiased support for family's that are interested in support. Parent Mentors are matched with families to share knowledge, experience, and emotional support. Parent Mentors complete a one-day mentoring training. Complete a Parent Mentor Request Form to learn more.

Family Resource Partners are professionals and/or organizations with lived experience and specific knowledge. This type of support is typically short-term and focuses on information sharing and answering questions. 

Deaf Mentors are deaf or hard of hearing adults who are trained to be mentors and role models to children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. Deaf Mentors help increase a family's ability to successfully communicate with their deaf or hard of hearing child. They increase parent's appreciation for and understanding of American Sign Language (ASL) as well as other forms of communication, Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community. Deaf Mentors assist in supporting the child's language development, communication, and self-identity through interaction with a deaf adult. Fill out a Deaf Mentor Request Form to learn more.