early hearing detection and intervention program

As a family who is learning about your child's hearing loss, we know you may be feeling many emotions. You may feel unsure, overwhelmed or other emotions related to decisions you are facing ahead. What does this mean? What should I know? Where do I even start? There is so much information to learn and knowing where to start can be confusing. We have worked with parents to develop a quick parent guide and a more comprehensive resource guide. These guides will get you started on your journey and will provide guidance on next steps and resources available to your child and family related to the newly identified hearing loss. 

Another valuable resource is Family Support. Family support is an informal way to connect with other families. Families are paired based on the specific need, experience or want for their child with another family or mentor. Families often feel empowered when they talk to other families who have been on a similar journey and are able to share their story and provide unbiased support. We encourage you to learn about family support resources available in Iowa to support your family's needs.

We have partnered with the EHDI program through the Iowa Department of Public Health to provide family support services for children in Iowa diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing. Visit our mentor page to learn more about family support and mentoring.